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Frequently Asked Questions

Why walk a labyrinth?

There are many reasons to walk a labyrinth. Whether you are seeking a deep spiritual practice or just looking for a few minutes to unplug and unwind, you can use the labyrinth path as a tool.

  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Healing & Recovery
  • Stress Reduction
  • Prayer & Contemplation
  • Insight
  • Community & Team Building
  • Ritual & Ceremony

How does the labyrinth work?

There is something about following the highly structured, circuitous pattern that helps focus attention and integrate mind, body and spirit. Since there are no decisions to make about which way to go, the mind is able to relax and be present with the experience of walking.

Where do I start?

Find a labyrinth near you.

The searchable World-Wide Labyrinth Locator database lists thousands of labyrinths around the globe. Many are open to the public and require no appointment.

Show up and step in.

Labyrinth walking requires no special skill or knowledge. Follow the path to the center at your natural pace. When you are ready, take the same path back out. Notice what you notice.

You can also trace a finger labyrinth for similar benefits (Find some free downloadable labyrinth patterns here and here).

Can kids use the labyrinth?

Children instinctively know that the labyrinth is both profound and playful. Running, skipping, singing, drumming, storytelling … kids love playing on the path.

People of any age can benefit from the calming and balancing effects of mindful movement by walking in silence, tracing finger labyrinths (try using the non-dominant hand) and drawing labyrinth shapes.

Recommended Reading

There are hundreds of books available on labyrinths, mazes, walking meditation and sacred geometry. Here are some of my favorites.

More Free Printables

How to Draw Your Own Finger Labyrinth

How to Draw Your Own Finger Labyrinth


Drawing a Three-Circuit Labyrinth

Drawing a Three-Circuit Labyrinth

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